Learning the Cause of Pinguecula and Getting Proper Treatment

The eyes are one of the most important organs of the body. It allows people to see the things and people around them. Not having good eyesight can make a person immobile and can limit their physical activities. There are a lot of eye diseases that one has to avoid. There are diseases that are acquired through their genes. It is common to see young kids wearing eyeglasses if their parents are also wearing glasses. There are eye diseases that are caught due to accidents, old age and lifestyle. No matter how one acquired their eye disease, what is important is to get it treated and regain their eyesight and eye health.

A Clear Picture of Pinguecula

What is Pinguecula? Pinguecula is an eye disease that is developed due to constant exposure to dust, sunlight and wind. Due to these factors, a small bump on the white portion of the eye develops. These bumps are composed of fats, calcium and protein. It can be experienced by anybody and at any age.

These bumps are not fatal, however there are instances that they can cause irritation and can bring discomfort. There is no need for surgery, but visiting an eye doctor can give patients the necessary pinguecula treatment they need just to ease the discomfort.

Eye doctors can prescribe ointments for the redness, itch and irritation. For severe discomfort, patients can request for surgery and their eye doctors can give them that. One can be considered a viable candidate for the surgery if they suffer the following:

* If the growth covers the cornea since it can affect a person’s vision.

* If it can become uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses.

* If irritation persists even when prescribed eye drops or ointments are applied.

If you are suffering any of the three mentioned, then you should consider surgery. Eye doctors can prescribe medications in case it grows back after surgery which is a normal occurrence. It is best to be equipped with information in case you are suffering from the mentioned eye disease.