How to Identify a Pinguecula Eye

For those who want to find out Pingueculitis, take note that there are certain matters that can help you identify it. But before you find out if your eye is experiencing one, take note that you must be aware of the causes of this irritating eye problem. Dry climate is often the common cause of this issue, as well as dusty environment since it’s rich in bacteria. Once you get exposed to both for several hours, or if you consistently get exposed for weeks, take note that the risks of having pingueculitis can definitely increase.

If you ever get exposed to both for a very long time, you might experience certain symptoms that can definitely hinder you from performing daily tasks, as well as ruin your appearance once you encounter pingueculitis. That’s why it’s a must to be aware on how to identify a pinguecula eye in order for you to get it treated right away. Here are the following:


The very first sign of the issue is often irritation. It might hinder you from seeing properly due to the irritation that you will constantly feel on your eyes.. You must get it checked up if the irritation is already lasting for several days already in order to find out of it is pinguecula or not.

Yellow Patches

As time passes by, there will be yellow patches present on your eyes as well. This is a problem that can block your vision or might make you feel frustrated. Even if you remove some of those patches, those will surely come back. It’s often located around the eye and nose area.


Finally, swollen red eyes will be noticed once you look on the mirror. If this happens, make sure you seek immediate help or receive treatment right away in order to lessen the swelling and other symptoms.

These are the notable symptoms of pingueculitis. If you have all of these symptoms, you must make sure that you get it treated. There are different methods of treating it, and take note that some of them are very easy and cheap to access. So don’t lose hope and get rid of it immediately!