Pinguecula Eye: Causes, Signs And Treatment

Pinguecula is a yellow bump that appears on the eyeball. They are not cancerous. Here is what causes them, signs/symptoms and treatment information.

1. Causes- The main cause of the condition is UV from the sun. Exposure to wind and dust may be risk factors, too. Dry eye disease can play a role in causing the condition.

2. Signs- There aren’t many signs and symptoms associated with Pinguecula, but one of the most prominent symptom is a raised bump on the eye. Dryness is another symptom that people may experience, and they may feel a burning sensation in the eye or a stinging or itching sensation. Blurred vision is another symptom that people may exhibit if they have the condition. It’s important to note that if you experience those signs and symptoms, then you may not necessarily have Pinguecula, but you’ll want to see your doctor because they will be able to tell you whether or not you have the condition and what course of treatment you should undergo.

3. Treatment- If you don’t have a severe case of pinguecula and you are suffering from dry eye irritation, then you may be given lubricating eye drops. Another treatment option is scleral contact lenses, which may be prescribed alongside the eye drops. Steroid eye drops or anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed if you have swelling of the eye or if there is localized inflammation. If the bump is causing you discomfort, then surgery is an option, but it is also an option if you simply don’t like the way it looks, but surgery needs to be performed by a qualified professional.

If you have a yellow bump on the eye, then consider seeing a medical professional. In some cases, they may remove it. They may also treat it a different way.

Learning the Cause of Pinguecula and Getting Proper Treatment

The eyes are one of the most important organs of the body. It allows people to see the things and people around them. Not having good eyesight can make a person immobile and can limit their physical activities. There are a lot of eye diseases that one has to avoid. There are diseases that are acquired through their genes. It is common to see young kids wearing eyeglasses if their parents are also wearing glasses. There are eye diseases that are caught due to accidents, old age and lifestyle. No matter how one acquired their eye disease, what is important is to get it treated and regain their eyesight and eye health.

A Clear Picture of Pinguecula

What is Pinguecula? Pinguecula is an eye disease that is developed due to constant exposure to dust, sunlight and wind. Due to these factors, a small bump on the white portion of the eye develops. These bumps are composed of fats, calcium and protein. It can be experienced by anybody and at any age.

These bumps are not fatal, however there are instances that they can cause irritation and can bring discomfort. There is no need for surgery, but visiting an eye doctor can give patients the necessary pinguecula treatment they need just to ease the discomfort.

Eye doctors can prescribe ointments for the redness, itch and irritation. For severe discomfort, patients can request for surgery and their eye doctors can give them that. One can be considered a viable candidate for the surgery if they suffer the following:

* If the growth covers the cornea since it can affect a person’s vision.

* If it can become uncomfortable when wearing contact lenses.

* If irritation persists even when prescribed eye drops or ointments are applied.

If you are suffering any of the three mentioned, then you should consider surgery. Eye doctors can prescribe medications in case it grows back after surgery which is a normal occurrence. It is best to be equipped with information in case you are suffering from the mentioned eye disease.

How to Identify a Pinguecula Eye

For those who want to find out Pingueculitis, take note that there are certain matters that can help you identify it. But before you find out if your eye is experiencing one, take note that you must be aware of the causes of this irritating eye problem. Dry climate is often the common cause of this issue, as well as dusty environment since it’s rich in bacteria. Once you get exposed to both for several hours, or if you consistently get exposed for weeks, take note that the risks of having pingueculitis can definitely increase.

If you ever get exposed to both for a very long time, you might experience certain symptoms that can definitely hinder you from performing daily tasks, as well as ruin your appearance once you encounter pingueculitis. That’s why it’s a must to be aware on how to identify a pinguecula eye in order for you to get it treated right away. Here are the following:


The very first sign of the issue is often irritation. It might hinder you from seeing properly due to the irritation that you will constantly feel on your eyes.. You must get it checked up if the irritation is already lasting for several days already in order to find out of it is pinguecula or not.

Yellow Patches

As time passes by, there will be yellow patches present on your eyes as well. This is a problem that can block your vision or might make you feel frustrated. Even if you remove some of those patches, those will surely come back. It’s often located around the eye and nose area.


Finally, swollen red eyes will be noticed once you look on the mirror. If this happens, make sure you seek immediate help or receive treatment right away in order to lessen the swelling and other symptoms.

These are the notable symptoms of pingueculitis. If you have all of these symptoms, you must make sure that you get it treated. There are different methods of treating it, and take note that some of them are very easy and cheap to access. So don’t lose hope and get rid of it immediately!